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Seeking justice for employees who have been sexually harassed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, denied accommodation for disability or injuries, or retaliated against throughout the state of Florida.
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Florida Sexual Harassment Attorney

Hostile Workplace Claims in Florida

Federal and state employment laws protect employees and job applicants across the state of Florida from sexual harassment. If you have experienced sexual harassment on the job, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney about protecting your rights.

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., we can provide advice that you need if you are suffering under a sexually hostile work environment in Florida. We also represent people who have been pressured to provide sexual favors as a condition of keeping a job or rising in a career. We have settled many sexual harassment cases in Florida for high-six-figure amounts. In 2005, we won a jury verdict for $2 million on a sexual harassment claim. The employer was also forced to pay an additional $1.1 million in attorney’s fees.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Florida

If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in Florida, attorney William Julien can advise you on your rights regarding sexual harassment, including:

  • If the conditions might also involve a claim of constructive discharge, where conditions are so bad that a reasonable person would have little choice but to resign
  • How to document any unlawful conduct
  • Problems relating to retaliation in the workplace for reporting or resisting sexual harassment
  • Potential damages of an individual claim, including damages for physical and mental pain

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., we investigate and pursue claims of sexual harassment promptly and aggressively. We handle most cases on a contingency fee basis, so you owe no attorney fees unless we successfully resolve your case.

For a free, confidential consultation about your legal options if you are facing sexual harassment, contact Florida employees’ rights lawyer William Julien in Boynton Beach.