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3 common causes of workplace sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Sexual Harassment At Work

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Even today, sexual harassment is seen in workplaces across the country. While women are more likely to be victims, it can happen to people of any gender. 

While some cases of sexual harassment have no underlying cause, some do. Some of the most common causes of sexual harassment in the workplace are found here:

1. A display of power

When someone is in a position of perceived power, such as being a manager or supervisor, it may cause them to take advantage of it. Even today, more men hold these positions than women, which is one reason females are more likely to be victims. 

2. Men’s perceived role in society

For decades, men were taught they were the providers for their families. Some still have this attitude today. Many men believe that since they should have this role, women working alongside them threaten their ability to provide. This can lead to cases of sexual harassment. 

3. Improperly managed procedures and policies

Some employee handbooks include legal jargon to comply with regulations. Employees may not understand it. Also, these regulations are usually only reviewed once when someone is hired. Companies that reinforce rules about harassment and other things will have much more compliance than those that do not. Implementing and stressing a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment is an effective way to end some cases, too. 

Protecting your rights at work

Sexual harassment is not allowed in any workplace. However, it still happens regularly. If you are a victim of this, you have rights. It’s good to start by reporting the incident to your employer or HR department. If a solution or consequences are not issued, you have other legal options. 

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