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What Does The Family And Medical Leave Act Protect?

Under the law, qualified employees are legally allowed to take time off of work under the Family and Medical Leave Act without the risk of losing their jobs.

What Is The Family And Medical Leave Act?

The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, is a federal law that requires employers to provide covered employees up to 12 weeks of time off to take care of the medical needs of themselves or their family members. During this time, employees are provided job protection, which means that they will be able to come back to their job when the leave ends.

What Are Specific Examples Of FMLA Claims?

There are many instances that qualify for FMLA leave. A handful of situations include:

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and maternity
  • Cancer treatment
  • Surgery to repair back, knee or wrist injuries
  • Treatment for heart disease
  • Caring for a child or parent
  • Psychiatric treatment

What Do I Need To Do To File A FMLA Claim?

You must immediately contact your employer to request the leave. Your employer may demand documentation showing the nature and duration of the treatment for the time off you need. You typically must provide the information within a certain time frame, or potentially lose the right to assert your claim.

What If I Am Fired Or Demoted For Taking Leave?

If your employer refuses to allow you to return to your job when your leave ends or takes negative action against you because you took time off under FMLA, your employer could be liable under the law.

Further Assistance with Specific Claims

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