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Glass Ceiling Claims

Women Face Predictable Barriers in Certain Fields

Although gender gaps in employment have narrowed significantly in many occupations and professions over the last 30 years, women continue to be underrepresented in the highest executive and management positions. Female managers are also likely to be paid less than their male counterparts of comparable experience. Commonly and collectively known as the glass ceiling, the invisible barriers to the rise of women in their jobs beyond a certain level continue to persist in such occupations and professions as the following:

  • Banking, finance and insurance
  • Universities and colleges
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Marketing and sales
  • Government employment
  • Police and fire
  • Television and radio
  • Publishing
  • Scientific and technical research
  • Tech start-ups

When Your Advancement Stalls, We Can Help

Contact an experienced Florida sex discrimination attorney at the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., for advice and representation if you’re professional, academic or government career has stalled simply because you are a woman. Our experience with workplace discrimination claims of all kinds can help identify the signs of sex discrimination at your company that might be interfering with your advancement.

Did You Mentor Your Replacement?

If you have ever had the experience of training or mentoring a younger male colleague who later is promoted ahead of you, it is entirely possible that you have bumped up against the glass ceiling. A discrimination claim might well be a viable legal option for you. You might also consider using the leverage of potential sex discrimination lawsuit as a means of negotiating a severance package that will allow you to continue your career elsewhere. We resolve many claims without ever having to file a case in court.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Options

For a free consultation about your own specific circumstances and the possibility that you might have a glass ceiling claim, contact Boynton Beach sex discrimination lawyer William Julien.