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Military Returning To Work

Did Your Job Go MIA While You Were In The Service?

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., we believe strongly in supporting the troops who have sacrificed so much for our country. Unfortunately, while many employers claim to do the same, when military members return to their civilian careers following military service, sometimes their jobs are not there waiting for them.

It happens quite often that employees are refused their former jobs, lose vacation and other benefits, and are subjected to other adverse employment actions when they return from military service. Our firm believes in protecting the rights of military service members in Boynton Beach and throughout the state of Florida. We can help you assert your rights and inform you of your options under the law.

Protecting Your Right To Return To Work

Public employees who are members of the Army Reserves, National Guard and other military reserves generally have the right to temporary military leave when they leave for active or inactive duty training. In most cases, an employee is usually entitled under the law – the Uniform Service ERA – to return to the same job with the same seniority and benefits.

Employees who work in the private sector and need to leave their jobs to serve in the armed forces are usually entitled to take a leave of absence and return to the job following that leave. If an employee returns to work and the former position no longer exists, the employee must be offered a reasonably comparable position, assuming that the employee is qualified for that position.

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