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Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Being Pregnant Is Not Cause for Termination

Discrimination in the workplace isn’t always a question of age, race or sex. Sometimes employers treat workers unfairly because a medical condition or family situation will be inconvenient for management or cause health insurance expenses to rise. For pregnant women, both medical and family situations can tempt an employer to find someone else for the position. If you need an attorney’s advice because you were fired, laid off, reassigned or demoted during pregnancy or maternity leave, contact employment discrimination lawyer in Boynton Beach.

When Your ‘Welcome Back’ Is Less Than Warm

The right to a period of unpaid leave during pregnancy or after childbirth is protected under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act as well as Florida’s anti-discrimination law. Many women find, however, that they are not welcomed back after they return from maternity leave.

A successful pregnancy discrimination case under either state or federal law can result in liability against the employer in the amount of lost income, benefits, damage to career prospects and serious emotional distress related to the violation of the employee’s rights. As an experienced workplace discrimination attorney, knows how to investigate and present claims of unfair treatment based on unlawful termination, demotion or denial of protected rights. Sometimes women don’t even know that they were the victims of pregnancy discrimination until they call us about denial of their unemployment benefits claims.

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At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., we emphasize two aspects of our practice above all others: the prompt and aggressive pursuit of our clients’ claims, and taking excellent care of our clients as their cases proceed through all stages of the litigation. For more information and a free consultation about our ability to help recover damages in your pregnancy discrimination case, email us in Boynton Beach, or call us at 561-560-5597 or toll-free at 888-993-4611.