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Age Discrimination

Ageism Has No Place in the Workplace

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., in Boynton Beach, we represent people who face problems at work due to age discrimination, or who suspect that they have been laid off or terminated because of the employer’s perception that they are too old. An age discrimination claim under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act or the Florida Civil Rights Act can help you recover for loss of income, benefits and career prospects. To learn more about your legal options, contact us today to discuss your situation in confidence with Florida age discrimination lawyer .

Why Age Discrimination Happens

There are many reasons why age discrimination is one of the hottest issues in workplace rights law. In the high-tech industry, advertising or sales, and many other sectors of the labor market, there can be a distinct preference for younger workers whose familiarity with target consumer groups tends to disfavor older employees. In industries involving substantial contact with the public, older workers might be rejected in favor of younger and more attractive people. Perhaps most importantly, older workers can often command higher wages or salaries on the basis of experience, and are frequently less easily intimidated or exploited by management.

Recognizing Smokescreens for Age Discrimination

Employers can be very sophisticated in disguising discriminatory termination of older employees as something else – downsizing, rightsizing, reduction in force, or reorganization of departments or business groups. The savings in workforce costs that a company might realize by forcing out its older workers can make the benefits worth the risk of liability to age discrimination victims.

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., our experience with workplace rights cases of all kinds enables us to investigate and pursue your rights aggressively without falling for the bogus pretexts that are offered by the employer. At the same time, our practice emphasizes close involvement with our clients – you’ll find us attentive, prompt to answer your questions and concerned with your well-being.

We Can Help Protect Your Rights and Future

We handle age discrimination cases from West Palm Beach to Miami. For a free consultation about your rights against your employer if you have been terminated on the basis of age, contact South Florida employee rights attorney online, or call 561-560-5597 or toll-free at 888-993-4611.