Even The Odds In Your Fight For Employee Rights
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What Does Human Resources Do?

Chances are good that the first person you met at your current job was someone from the human resources department. They have numerous responsibilities related to recruitment and hiring, training, onboarding and maintaining personnel records. The HR department is also where you’ll likely go when you are facing an issue like workplace harassment or discrimination.

While an HR representative might be kind and polite to you, you should not make the mistake of believing they are on your side when it really counts. If you’ve been the victim of discrimination or harassment, you will likely find that HR is yet another obstacle in your path to seeking a solution.

Human Resources Works For The Company, Not For You

HR representatives are fellow employees who get their paychecks from the same place you do. Therefore, you should not expect them to be on your side if you are facing any issue that could make the company look bad or expose the organization to liability.

First and foremost, the HR department serves the interests of the employer. If those interests conflict with yours, you should expect to be treated like a problem instead of an employee in need of help.

At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., our attorneys regularly represent clients who sought the help of human resources professionals only to have their troubles get worse – not better. This is especially true when the source of the sexual harassing behaviors or discrimination is a supervisor or executive within the organization. Retaliation (including wrongful termination) is a real risk when reporting certain concerns to human resources.

Be In Charge Of Your Own Investigation And Seek Help From A Lawyer

You should be documenting everything that has happened to you in as much detail as possible and keeping that documentation safely in your possession. If you’re seeking a remedy to harassment, discrimination or another employment law issue, human resources will need to be notified at some point. But you may be wondering if you should speak with HR before or after working with an employment law attorney.

Taking your case directly to HR could result in a rapid (and wrongful) termination of your employment, making it difficult to retain records and other evidence critical to your case. We strongly recommend contacting us first, because we can help you understand your rights and provide strategies to protect yourself and strengthen your case. Plus, we offer free consultations so that you don’t need to worry about the cost of exploring your legal options.

Talk To Us Today – Even If You Already Contacted Human Resources

While it is beneficial to speak to a lawyer first, our firm is ready to fight for your rights even if you already talked to HR and faced retaliation for doing so. Based in Boynton Beach, we serve employees across Florida.

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