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Constructive Termination Lawyer

Were You Driven To Resign?

When working conditions are so intolerable that a reasonable employee would resign under those circumstances, it may be considered constructive termination (or constructive discharge) and is considered the same as being wrongfully terminated. A worker may be able to pursue a lawsuit against his or her former employer for discrimination, retaliation or sexual harassment in the workplace.

Constructive termination is always difficult to prove. At the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., we suggest that you always consult with a lawyer before quitting your job – if you believe that you may have a claim of constructive termination. We will carefully review the facts and circumstances of your working conditions, and assist you in determining whether a claim of constructive termination is likely to succeed.

What Constitutes Grounds For Constructive Termination?

There are many reasons why a person may feel compelled to quit due to intolerable working conditions, including:

  • Age discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wage and hour claims
  • Other forms of harassment and discrimination

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You’re Not Alone. We’re Here To Help.

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