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Can Social Media Affect Your Harassment or Discrimination Claim?

Here’s What You Should Know About Social Media And The Workplace

How does social media come into play when a workplace discrimination or harassment claim is involved? Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions:

Can Employers Access My Social Media Account Information?

Yes. Employers may lawfully access and use your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or other social media account, or even your email, against you when defending itself from your harassment or discrimination claim.

What Should I Do With My Account While My Workplace Claim Is Pending?

Setting privacy levels high is a first step to protect your account from unintended consequences. However, for many of us, our co-workers – and even supervisors – are our friends or followers.

Given the high risk that the information on these platforms could easily fall into the hands of your employers, disabling all social media accounts while your lawsuit is pending is the best route to take. At the very least, you should refrain from discussing your case in any form on these platforms. Individuals have been caught on social media bad-mouthing judges or revealing information they thought was trivial that had an impact on their case.

What Recourse Is Available If My Employer Or Co-Worker Harasses Me On Social Media?

You could have a cause of action – even if the harassing behavior was outside of work hours. If you have reported the harassment to your employer and the harassment has made you feel so uncomfortable at work that you feel you cannot work, and your employer has not acted on it, your employer can be held accountable.

Talk To An Attorney Before Taking Any Action

In this age of technology and the complex nature of this area of law, speaking with an employment discrimination attorney before you take any action is recommended.

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