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Reporting Fraudulent Behavior Against The Federal Government

Reporting Federal Fraud In A Qui Tam Lawsuit As A Whistleblower

Along with protections for reporting wrongdoing as a whistleblower against fraudulent company activities, under the False Claims Act employees can also lawfully report wrongdoing against companies that specifically submit fraudulent bills to the U.S. government.

Employees can file a lawsuit on behalf of the federal government (known as a qui tam lawsuit) and if successful, can recover a percentage of the judgment.

Types Of Fraudulent Bills

Fraudulent reimbursement from the federal government can take many forms, but is often connected to Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud and defense contractor fraud.

Retaliation For Filing A Qui Tam Lawsuit

Under the False Claims Act, employers are prohibited against retaliating against employees who file or report fraudulent activity. Employees are protected from adverse employer actions such as termination, transfer, demotion or harassment if they file a qui tam lawsuit.

Reach Out To An Employment Law Attorney For Guidance

If you are aware of billing fraud by your employer, it’s important to contact an experienced qui tam lawyer who can explain the law, the process and procedures for filing.

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