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Florida Civil Rights Claims for Public Employees

If you have recently encountered problems on the job while working for a city, a school district or a county agency, contact an experienced workplace rights lawyer at the Law Office of William M. Julien, P.A., in Boynton Beach. His understanding of the legal, procedural and strategic factors that bear upon the investigation and proof of employment law claims against public agencies can make the decisive difference in your case.

Unlike the private sector, where most employment relations between labor and management are strictly a matter of contract, public employers act on behalf of the state or a municipality. As a result, any unfavorable action that a government employer might take against a public employee will involve state action. The fact of state action can then implicate such civil rights as a property interest in continued employment, a right to due process before terminating or demoting the employee, and a possible right to a federal Section 1983 claim to protect constitutionally recognized civil rights.

The right of a public employee to protect his or her job status through civil rights litigation is very different from the right of a private sector worker to enforce rights through a wrongful termination or retaliation lawsuit in the state courts. Additionally, the particular rights of a state or county employee will differ from case to case depending on the specific circumstances of your situation.

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