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Unpaid Overtime in Florida

At some point or another, nearly every worker feels that he or she works too much and are not paid enough. Sometimes that feeling is more than just a feeling. When an employer violates the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or Florida State Law by overworking and underpaying employees, they may be held liable for related damages.

A Common Complaint

Understanding the ways in which the law protects employees from being required to work unpaid overtime and from other wage and hour violations is extremely important. When an employer neglects to pay an employee the compensation he or she is due, a claim for damages can be filed.

It is estimated that many employers make mistakes without even knowing that they are. Approximately 40 percent of employers unknowingly violate the law and accidentally underpay or overwork their employees due to their confusion with “exempt or nonexempt” rules. Nevertheless, employers they still owe it to their employees to treat and pay them fairly. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse under the law and employees can still pursue claims in these situations.

Employer Liability

Understanding the law related to wage and hour claims becomes absolutely essential in bringing about a successful claim. When an employer does violate the law, they may be held accountable for damage done and can be penalized up to double the amount they owe the underpaid employee.

When one feels that their fair wages have been compromised, seeking out the help of an experienced attorney working within employment law is a step in the right direction. These attorneys work on claims like this on a day-to-day basis and they know what to look for. They are also well versed in the laws and will be able to tell if an employer has violated his or her duty.

If an individual suspected their employer of treating them unfairly, discussing the matter with an experienced employment attorney is a wise decision that may help them obtain any unpaid wages they are entitled to.