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Protection when reporting illegal activity in the workplace

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Whistleblower Protection

Employees have a close relationship with the inside operations of their employer’s business. When there are things happening that are inappropriate or illegal, it can be intimidating for a Florida employee. Many who do witness fraud and other illegal actions may not know if they should report it or stay quiet, fearing potential repercussions from their employers. Thankfully, there are laws that offer protections to whistleblowers who report illegal activity in the workplace. 

Fraud takes place in many different forms, including fraudulent billing. For example, a company or health care provider may submit fraudulent Medicare or Medicaid claims. Employees who speak out about these types of activities may experience different types of retaliation from their employers, including harassment, demotion, termination and more. The False Claims Act, which is a federal law, protects employees from these types of things after reporting their employers. 

Billing fraud is common, but that does not make it right or justifiable. If an employee experiences adverse treatment after exercising his or her rights or bringing illegal behavior to light, it could be grounds for legal action. This is why Florida employees may want to seek legal guidance as soon as they decide to file a report about their employer.

Working with an attorney can ensure that rights are protected at every step. Employees should not have to fear retaliation for reporting illegal activity in the workplace, but it does happen. A legal ally can inform an employee of his or her rights and help that individual understand how to file a billing fraud claim. Before moving forward or making any important decisions, it is helpful to seek a complete evaluation of the case.