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Here are some ways employers retaliate

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Whistleblower Protection

Most employers understand the importance of treating employees in the appropriate manner, regardless of what is going on around them. Even if an employee speaks out against them, it doesn’t mean they have the right to retaliate.

There are laws in place prohibiting whistleblower retaliation, but that does not mean that every company follows them.

Here are some frequent patterns that employees should be aware of:

— An employee is demoted or fired for reporting some type of fraud, such as that committed by a supervisor or company owner.

— The termination of an employee for complaining about or reporting harassment or discrimination.

— An employee is fired for reporting safety or health violations.

— Any type of discipline for opposing sexual harassment.

If an employee finds him or herself in this position, it can be a challenge to move forward. You realize that something has gone wrong and you know you have been treated poorly; however, you don’t understand what to do next. This is why it is important to understand your rights as outlined by both federal and state laws. For example, the Florida Private Sector Whistleblower Act provides protection to employees in the Sunshine State.

Our attorneys understand how companies retaliate against employees. This is not something that happens every day at every company, but it is more common than some workers believe.

If you find yourself in this position or if a loved one has been a victim of retaliation, take the time to learn more about your rights. Our website and blog is full of the information you are looking for.