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Sexual Harassment at Work Archives

Specificity not requried for EEOC charge

Florida employees who have been victims of workplace sexual harassment may be interested in a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit regarding a quid pro quo sexual harassment claim. The court rejected the argument submitted by the employer that the EEOC charge did not specify quid pro quo harassment and reversed the dismissal of the claim and returned it to the court for trial.

What to know about sexual harassment on the job

Florida residents may have heard about sexual harassment and gender discrimination claims made at companies such as Fox News and Uber. However, other organizations such as Microsoft, Wells Fargo and KPMG have also had problems related to these issues. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, one out of three women have been sexually harassed at work. It also noted that the least likely response is for any formal action to be taken.

Myths and misconceptions about workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a common occurrence in the workplace, but some believe it is underreported. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that the number of sex-based harassment allegations has remained about the same over the past six years. In 2016, the EEOC received 12,860 reports, but this does not include charges filed with state or local agencies. One reason sexual harassment goes unreported is because of the myths surrounding the issue. 

Many female fast food workers are subjected to sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a problem across virtually all industries, but female workers in certain fields may be experiencing it at higher rates than those in others. According to Eater, 40 percent of American women who work within the fast food industry experience on-the-job sexual harassment, and these unwanted advances are having considerable negative impacts that extend far beyond the workplace.

HR departments often fail to address sexual harassment

Employers in Florida and around the country are expected to take steps to address discrimination or harassment in the workplace based on race, disability, gender, religion, age or national origin, and they generally rely on human resources departments to investigate claims of mistreatment and enforce company policies. However, several of the civil rights activists and attorneys who spoke at the Women in the World Summit, which was held in New York in early April, said that corporate HR departments are often a part of the problem.

Why sexual harassment cases continue to occur in the workplace

Florida employees may have seen several major reports of large, well-known companies that failed to protect their workers against sexual harassment in the workplace. For example, scandals at Sterling Jewelers and Uber indicate that many companies do not have proper policies to control or prevent sexual harassment from occurring. If a company does have a policy and protocols in place, they are often for show and fail to actually protect the employees.

Miki Agrawal accused of sexual harassment

Some Florida residents may have heard of Miki Agrawal, the founder and former CEO of Thinx. A complaint has been filed with the New York Commission on Human Rights by a former employee that details allegations of rampant sexual harassment and abuse by Agrawal of her employees.

What behaviors qualify as sexual harassment?

Whether you work for a large corporation, a small cupcake shop or a mid-sized real estate business, you have the right to do your job in an atmosphere that is safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a common problem in many industries, and one that does not discriminate between men and women.

Tech industry not immune to sexual harassment claims

Following the sexual harassment and sexual discrimination claims made by two engineers working at Uber and Tesla, a spotlight is being put on how women are treated at Silicon Valley startups. In fact, more women have come forward with their own experiences of harassment and discrimination. Some of the companies that were called out for discriminating against female employees included Zynga, Mircosoft and Sun Microsystems.

How a strong HR department can help startups

Florida residents may have heard about a blog post by an Uber employee who claimed that she experienced sexual harassment at her job. Some have commented that this may have been avoided if the company had a stronger HR department. Uber's CEO reportedly believes that the role of a human resources department is to recruit and hire employees. However, that department may also be used to facilitate employment development and management training.

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