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Posts tagged "Racial Discrimination"

What to do when your employer implements racist policies

Very few employers openly maintain racially discriminatory policies on the books. Most have adapted to the demands of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 and strive towards a workplace free from racism. Unfortunately, however, this law did not singlehandedly solve racism on the job. Discrimination simply takes on more insidious forms and hides behind pretenses of professionalism.

Racist jokes at work: Are they illegal?

People with a sense of humor are often admired, but sometimes things go too far. If you are dealing with racist jokes in the workplace, you should know what constitutes harassment and discrimination based on race. Learn about the laws that protect employees like you from racial harassment and when jokes cross the line into unwelcome and menacing conduct. 

Sikh truck drivers reach $260k settlement in religious discrimination case

The Civil Rights Act forbids discrimination due to a person's sincerely held religious beliefs, and employers are responsible for fairly hiring, firing, promotions, layoffs and making accommodations for their employees to practice their religion. Employers who only hire or promote those that share the same faith as them, or refuse to reasonable accommodate a faith-based activity are acting unlawfully.

Non-racial policies could still be against the law

You know that it's illegal for companies to have policies that directly exhibit racism, such as saying that no African American workers are allowed to be hired or mandating that only white workers can be considered for supervisor positions. Laws against discrimination have been on the books for long enough that modern companies would almost never consider such blatant violations.

Executive action may lead to crackdown on pay discrimination

"More than 50 years after pay discrimination became illegal it remains a persistent problem for too man Americans." That was a statement from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's chairwoman. She also said that many time, pay discrimination is not detected because there is not always accurate information on what workers are paid.

Racial harassment and discrimination are still prevalent

Racial tension is one of the main topics being covered on the news these days. All of those stories show that racial discrimination in one form or another is still running rampant. While many people might not think too much about racial discrimination, it is something that can have adverse effects in the workplace.

Complaint filed for racial, age discrimination against teachers

The Florida Department of Education hadn't been served a copy of the Florida Education Association's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint as of Dec. 21, and because of that, a spokeswoman said the department has no comment on the allegations. The complaint was also filed with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. The complaint has to do with the state's "Best and Brightest" bonus program for teachers. The FEA, which is the largest union of teachers in the state, says that teachers who are over the age of 40 and those that are minorities are discriminated against with the program.

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