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3 things your employer should do if you report sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2023 | Sexual Harassment At Work

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Sexual harassment in the workplace isn’t ever appropriate. Employers must have clear guidelines about these matters so employees are protected. It must be made clear that consequences for sexual harassment are absolute and swift. 

Some people don’t realize that sexual harassment can come from various sources, including customers, owners, co-workers, vendors and supervisors. Any worker who’s sexually harassed should make a report immediately. 

1. Outline the complaint process

Every employer should have a clear plan for reporting sexual harassment. Some name one person as the contact for these complaints, but that might not work for some employees. If you aren’t comfortable with the named person, find out who else you can speak to about the matter. 

2. Investigate the matter

All sexual harassment complaints must be investigated completely. Even when an employer believes that there’s no way the alleged harasser could do what they’re accused of, they must put that aside and look into the complaint right away. 

3. Maximize confidentiality

Sexual harassment complaints can often include very personal details. Employers should be discreet as they investigate the matter. This can help to preserve the integrity of the investigation, and it also minimizes the chance of adverse reactions from others in the company. 

Companies must take complaints of sexual harassment seriously. Employees must be able to speak out about these atrocious situations, regardless of who is doing the harassment. If you don’t believe that your employer reacted in an appropriate manner or if you want to know more about your options for this case, discuss the matter with someone who’s familiar with workplace sexual harassment law.