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Signs of bullying by supervisors

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Hostile Work Environment

boss yelling at female worker

Bullying isn’t limited to school environments. It happens in the workplace, too and hierarchy often has a role to play. 

More than 50 percent of bullied employees are in non-supervisorial roles, and 65 percent of bullies are managers. It’s difficult to deal with someone who harasses you, especially if you technically depend on them to make a living. Here are common signs of bullying by supervisors.

Playing favorites among employees 

There’s nothing more annoying than getting the short end of the stick at work (or anywhere else, for that matter). For example, you might have one or more co-workers who got a promotion even when they had been with the company for only a few months while you had been there for years. You may not understand why your boss constantly overlooks you when you feel you should be first in line.

Setting inconsistent or arbitrary rules 

Suppose you had a rule at work that mandated everyone to clock in at least five minutes before 8 am. One day, you clock in eight minutes early, and your supervisor berates you for your error.  They tell you that employees have to clock in at least ten minutes early. Then, they write you up. 

You notice that other employers arrive later than you, but your manager does not tell them off or write them up. Employers can change rules, but they need to be consistent among staff, and they should let you know about the changes in advance.

No one should tolerate maltreatment from their boss or anyone else in their workplace. Seek legal assistance to aid you in putting a stop to workplace bullying