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Types of damages you can claim after workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Racial Discrimination At Work

person of color at work being harassed by coworkres

If you successfully prove you were discriminated against at work, you will likely be able to receive damages. The goal of damages is to put you in the same position you would have been in if the discrimination never happened. 

The damages you receive depend on how the discriminatory act impacted you and your life. Learn more about the types of damages you may be able to recover through a workplace discrimination claim by reading more here. 

Compensatory damages

The purpose of compensatory damages is to cover tangible and intangible costs you incurred directly due to the discrimination. This may include medical costs, back pay for being passed over for a promotion, or costs related to searching for a new job. 

You can also receive intangible damages for any mental or emotional harm you experienced. This includes things like an inconvenience or mental anguish. 

Punitive damages

You may also receive punitive damages after experiencing workplace discrimination. The goal of these damages is to punish the at-fault party. In this case, it’s the employer who is guilty of discrimination. 

Keep in mind though that like personal injury cases, punitive damages are only awarded in cases where the actions were especially reckless or malicious. 

Protecting your right to workplace discrimination damages 

If you have experienced racial workplace discrimination or any other form of discrimination, you have rights. It’s important to hold the employer responsible for their actions for several reasons. First of all, it helps you recover the compensation you need to move forward. It also helps prevent other employees from finding themselves in the same situation down the road. While it can be intimidating to act, it is in the best interest of you and other employees.