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The multi-faceted problem of racial discrimination 

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Despite the great strides made toward racial equality in recent decades, racial discrimination and harassment are still major issues in this country. Workers have specific laws to protect them against these situations. 

Federal laws are in place that set strict penalties for employers that allow discrimination and harassment based on a person’s race or complexion. No unfavorable workplace actions can occur because of these. These laws start with the hiring process and go through the termination process. It’s possible for an employer to face claims of racial discrimination from someone who wasn’t hired by the company.

What kinds of things encompass racial discrimination and harassment?

Racial discrimination and harassment cover everything from underhanded comments that play on racial stereotypes made toward someone to racially offensive symbols posted around a desk. The actions don’t have to be verbal. Even things like photos with a racist symbol or cartoons making fun of someone with specific racial characteristics fall into this category. 

It’s also important to note that these actions don’t have to be done by a supervisor or manager. Other workers can’t be allowed to do those types of behaviors. Even customers and vendors must never be allowed to discriminate against or harass someone based on the person’s race or color. Management has an obligation to step in and put a stop to any kind of racial discrimination, as soon as they’re aware it’s happening.

Anyone who’s the victim of racial discrimination or harassment in the workplace should take swift action. Laws forbid these types of situations, so employers should be that they have policies in place to address these matters. Employees do have the right to take action when these situations occur. Working with someone who knows these employment laws is beneficial if you’ve faced discrimination and need to hold your employer accountable for it.