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You have a right to reasonable accommodation at your workplace

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Are you unable to discharge your usual work duties owing to a temporary or permanent disability? Your employer is not supposed to discharge you owing to your disability. If anything, they should accommodate you to continue performing your duties just like any other employee, depending on your situation.

Under the law, your employer is supposed to provide you with a work environment that will allow you to do your job as long as you meet the job requirements and perform the job functions as required.

What constitutes reasonable accommodation?

Reasonable accommodation can be any form of adjustment at your workplace that makes it convenient to carry out your job functions. For instance, if you have any complications that require being exempted from heavy duties or a disability that requires a change in the shift hours, it may amount to reasonable accommodation.

As long as your employer does not have to go through undue hardship like undertaking significant or expensive changes to the company operations to accommodate your disability, they are required to adjust accordingly and accommodate you.

Protect your legal rights

It is crucial to be aware of your rights as an employee, even if you are employed at will. Should your employer deny you reasonable accommodation, you should take action to correct the situation and safeguard your interests.

However, you need to know where the line stops. Your employer is not obligated to adapt to all circumstances that affect your ability to discharge your duties effectively, such as non-performance or absenteeism. Learning more about the law will put you in a better position when fighting for your rights.