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Beware of subtle harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Workers in this country have specific laws that protect them from certain behaviors. Many of these have to do with preventing discrimination, harassment and retaliation. All of these can make a workplace hostile. 

While you might automatically think of blatant actions when it comes to these matters, they may be very subtle. These might be harder to spot initially, but they are just as serious. 

Overall behavior

Sometimes, subtle harassment has to do with a person’s behaviors and things they do while they’re at work. This might include displaying things that target a specific group of people. It can also include forms of humor that are meant to harm a certain person or group of people. A claim that they were just joking shouldn’t be accepted in these cases. 

In some instances, the company as a whole might do this. For example, courts have ruled that putting religious articles in a newsletter to employees could constitute harassment.

Body language

In some cases, language can fall under subtle harassment. Grimacing, rolling their eyes and other negative body language might be an issue. This is often the case if they’re directed at the same person consistently. In many cases, behaviors that fall in this category are hard to prove as harassment or discrimination; however, it’s often possible to do so if there’s a pattern of them.

Anyone who’s been subjected to harassment at work should review their legal options. You should act swiftly in these cases since these actions are subjected to time limits. Working with someone familiar with these cases is often beneficial since they can help guide you through the process.