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Discrimination is prevalent in the restaurant industry

| Sep 17, 2021 | Hostile Work Environment

The restaurant industry encompasses a vast array of employees. Despite the diversity in the industry, it’s one that’s filled with various forms of discrimination. On top of that, workers sometimes have to deal with harassment. 

It’s illegal for workers to face discrimination or harassment. Yet, because of the nature of the business, many restaurant workers are scared to speak up.  

Why are workers scared to report discrimination and harassment?

Some workers rely on tips to earn a living. They don’t want to anger their customers, so they just deal with whatever happens. While this is what’s common, it isn’t right. These workers should feel empowered to speak up when they’re dealing with illegal behaviors. 

Non-tipped employees might not speak up for fear of losing their job. This isn’t acceptable either. Laws prohibit retaliation against workers who are making complaints regarding things like harassment and discrimination, as long as the complaints are truthful.

Who harasses and discriminates against restaurant workers?

Discrimination and harassment can come from supervisors, co-workers or customers. In some cases, vendors or delivery personnel might be the culprits. The restaurant should have specific rules and guidelines set to prevent these cases. There should also be a plan of action to address it if it happens. 

Any restaurant employee who’s faced discrimination or harassment on the job should ensure they work to protect their rights. No employee should have to deal with those illegal behaviors. Legal action might be necessary if you’re dealing with the negative impact of these incidents.