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Is workplace equality just a promise?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2021 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Despite the government’s efforts to ensure workplace equality, there seems to be minimal change in some workplaces in Florida. Workplaces are the most common areas to experience social injustices. Apart from unequal pay, workers suffer from racism, sexual harassment and discrimination based on their gender.

Equality in the workplace can’t exist when there’s discrimination. The primary forms of discrimination are gender, race, disabilities and sexual orientation. Additionally, equality can’t prevail in a workplace when the business condones harassment cases. In the US, it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate against their employee based on their color, origin, sex or disability.

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity is a term that pops up when discussing workplace equality. Workplace diversity embraces the different cultures that employees bring. Most workplaces value diversity since a mixture of different experiences, skills and backgrounds improve performance. A diverse workplace ensures productivity and creativity.

Achieving workplace equality

For efficiency in achieving workplace equality, a business needs to evaluate its current environment. Additionally, the management and employees must commit to change. They should not only respect all laws on employment equality, but they should also solve any arising issues. Racial discrimination is a common workplace problem. A business ought to educate the employees on how to avoid such discrimination

When hiring employees, employers ought to carefully examine all qualifications. School qualifications and any other experiences are the most common factors to weigh on. Thus, the company should root out any elements that can result in discrimination.

A safe working environment encourages workplace equality. The HR department’s role is to hire, fire or layoff employees per the law and company policies. Additionally, every complaint from the employees should be positively accepted.

Although no workplace is perfect, an ideal workplace encourages growth and learning. If you experience workplace inequality, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney. An attorney might help you get fair compensation.