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What if your Florida employer pays you late?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Employment Law

Not many people can afford to skip a paycheck or get paid late. For many people, paying their rent on time is crucial to being able to pay their bills or mortgage and avoid late fees.

There are laws meant to help employees get paid in a timely manner. Employers that frequently miss paydays or pay their employers late might face legal consequences from the state of Florida or federal regulators.

What are the laws regarding being paid on time?

Most states have a law in place that regulates how often employees should be paid in full what is owed to them. In the state of Florida, people working for the state or government office must be paid once a month, but there aren’t minimum payday requirements for private-sector employees.

This doesn’t mean you can’t seek legal action against a Florida employer who has failed to pay you though. Generally speaking, there are a few steps you can take when you don’t get paid.

  • Email the employer asking for the wages owed to you – Usually, an employer should respond by paying you in full what’s owed.
  • File a claim with the Florida labor agency – This will prompt an investigation into your employer’s payout practices.
  • Sue for the amount owed to you – A lawyer will either recommend to settle the lawsuit in small claims court, or take it to a larger level.

What if my employer isn’t responsive to emails?

Taking something to court can be costly, and it can burn bridges with your employers and coworkers. However, if your employer has been unresponsive so far to verbal and written requests for your paychecks to be paid in full, you might want to seek legal counsel. An employment attorney who handles wage & hour law matters can answer your questions.


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