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Tips for avoiding racial discrimination while hiring

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Florida businesses that are accused of racial discrimination in the workplace can face large fines and backlash from their local communities. Unfortunately, racial discrimination isn’t always clear-cut, and you may actually be making mistakes that could classify as discrimination during your hiring process. To help reduce your risk of being sued for racial discrimination, here are some tips on hiring that you should follow.

Be mindful of your advertisements

The first place that racial discrimination can show up in the hiring process is in the advertisements that a business places to find qualified individuals. Using any such language like ‘strong English language skills required’ can come across as discriminating. It’s best to leave any sort of mention of language, race and national origin out of job advertisements.

Initial resume assessment

Another common time when racial discrimination occurs is when a supervisor is reviewing the resumes that have been submitted for the open position. They may inadvertently put an applicant in the no pile because the person’s name is an ethnic name. Also, putting an applicant’s resume in the no pile because they have listed attending a college or university that is notoriously known to largely represent a singular race is considered racial discrimination during the hiring process.

Interview process

The third most common place that racial discrimination will be present is during the interview process. An applicant may be immediately rejected due to their physical appearance. Any disqualification based on the individual’s race is considered illegal.

Racial discrimination still happens in the hiring process for various businesses. While there are some cases of clear-cut discrimination, many times, employers don’t realize that they’re actually discriminating against applicants. It’s vital to understand the common types of discrimination that we went over above so that you can work to avoid it at your place of employment.