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New proposal aims to lower the minimum wage for some Floridians

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Employment Law

Many people in Florida work for companies that pay minimum wage, which can make it easy to struggle financially. Recently, a sizeable amount of voters in this state voted in favor of a ruling that would increase the minimum wage for workers. However, a new ruling now aims to take away a promised $15 per hour for certain people. Here’s more information about this new ruling and the backlash it’s receiving.

The details behind a proposal to lower wages

One member of Florida’s Senate recently filed a proposal that could require someone deemed “hard-to-hire” to receive less than $15 per hour. Unveiled by Senate Judiciary Chairman Jeff Brandes, this resolution would bring about reduced pay for people under the age of 21, anyone with prior felony charges, state prisoners, and others deemed as hard-to-hire.

Another aspect of this proposal that drew ire from many was a plan to gradually increase the minimum wage for hard-to-hire individuals. This new proposal would have these individuals earning $10 an hour for any minimum wage job with annual wage increases through 2026.

Backlash against this new ruling

Not everyone supports Chairman Brandes’ new ruling to lower Florida’s minimum wage. Many people feel that this new wage & hour ruling is unconstitutional and a way to undermine the voters of Florida.

To summarize, a new ruling aims to take away the promise of a $15 per hour minimum wage from many Floridians. However, this proposal has a long way to go before it becomes an official law. If this proposal passes to the next stage, it would require approval from at least 60% of Florida’s voters on this state’s fall 2022 ballot.