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Are men also affected by sexual harassment?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Sexual Harassment At Work

When the subject of workplace sexual harassment in Florida is discussed, the focus of the conversation nearly always is on harassed women. The reality is that while women represent the vast majority of workplace sexual harassment victims, men are victimized in this manner as well.

Rate of workplace sexual harassment of men

Research is limited when it comes to the rate and incidence of workplace sexual harassment of men. With that said, an estimated 14% of men have been sexually harassed in the workplace, according to a Marketplace-Edison Research poll. 17% of all sexual harassment claims filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission were lodged by men in 2017.

Stigma of silence and shame

Men Face Sexual Harassment at Work Too

A prominent caveat exists in regard to the rate of workplace sexual harassment of men. The thought is that the incidence is underreported. There is an overarching, even profound, element of shame associated with male sexual harassment. In other words, men who are sexually harassed in the workplace keep quiet. They are ashamed to admit they have been victimized in this manner.

Human resources and male sexual harassment

Human resources personnel or departments need to be aware that male workplace sexual harassment does occur. Company policies and practices need to reflect the reality that both women and men are victims of workplace sexual harassment.

If you are a man or woman who has been sexually harassed in the workplace, you should consider engaging the services of an experienced lawyer. A sexual harassment attorney is in the best position to protect and assert your important legal rights in the aftermath of the incident.