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Workplace discrimination due to breastfeeding still a problem

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Employment Law

Workplace violations are a challenge for many women in Florida. While sexual harassment has come to the forefront in recent years, discrimination is also common. Among the most problematic is if a woman is discriminated against due to breastfeeding. Despite it being natural and necessary, some employers and colleagues might let their own feelings spark negative comments. Anyone impacted by this should know how the law addresses these behaviors.

Breastfeeding women subjected to workplace issues

Breastfeeding women who believe they have been discriminated against for it at work are not alone. Many women are faced with this. Anecdotal evidence is cited. For example, an emergency room nurse asserted that she did not receive the accommodations she was entitled to. In addition, she dealt with bullying and harassment.

The positives of breastfeeding are consistently referenced by experts. Still, allegations of workplace illegality are prevalent from women who choose to breastfeed and need breaks to pump milk or are suffering from pain; are dismissed for asking for accommodations to breastfeed; are not granted privacy; and hear inappropriate comments about breastfeeding. Because of the way they are treated, breastfeeding women are frequently unaware of their rights under the law. Speaking up can help, but if the employer, colleagues or anyone else behaves illegally, there may be viable alternatives.

Standing up for workplace rights may require professional guidance

Women deal with many forms of employment law violations at work and it can cause stress, hinder their career, cost them income and more. With breastfeeding, it can damage their health and their child’s growth if they are not accorded the right to adhere to those basic needs. It is hard enough for women in the workplace without considering their family needs. When there is harassment or discrimination because of breastfeeding or for any other reason, having legal assistance can be key to stopping the behavior and receiving compensation for what occurred.