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How can you prove that sexual harassment took place?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment in a Florida workplace can be notoriously difficult to prove. The other party might deny everything and argue that your claims are purely subjective. Fortunately, you can provide multiple pieces of evidence to add credibility to your case.

What types of evidence can prove sexual harassment?

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Photos and videos of the incident are the best types of sexual harassment evidence. Unfortunately, most people don’t videotape the incident while it’s taking place. You might be able to find security camera footage, but it might not reveal much if the actions were subtle.

Letters, text messages, voicemails and emails are the next best thing. If you have written proof that your co-worker or supervisor sent you sexually explicit messages, show your workplace sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible. You should also talk to anyone who witnessed the incident and ask them to give you a testimony.

You can also build a case based on complaints that you made to HR. Document your reports and the company’s response to show the judge that your supervisors refused to take action. If the employee handbook says anything about sexual harassment, you could use this as proof that your employer failed to meet its legal obligations.

What is workplace sexual harassment?

Workplace sexual harassment takes many forms, but it often includes sending an employee explicit text messages, showing them obscene images, making sexually charged remarks or offering to give them promotions in exchange for sexual favors. You might not be able to build a case off one incident, but you could talk to an attorney if your supervisor or co-worker subjects you to repeated harassment. It’s also important to report the issue to HR so you have documented proof that an incident took place and your company did nothing about it.