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Lawsuit results after hostile workplace leads to resignation

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Hostile Work Environment

A comfortable work environment can make a considerable difference in how much Florida residents look forward to going to work. Even if people do not necessarily enjoy the work they do, having friendly co-workers, respected management and an overall amiable place to work could lessen the possibly boring idea of going to work. However, boredom may be the least of a worker’s worries if he or she works in a hostile workplace.

It was recently reported that a woman in another state has filed a lawsuit against her previous place of employment due to a hostile work environment and the factors that led to the environment. Apparently, the woman had worked for the city for nearly a decade, and while on the job, a supervisor made sexual comments and unwanted advances toward her. She reported the harassing actions, but the supervisor did not change the behavior and created a hostile environment.

The woman also stated that the city allowed the harassing behavior to continue, which contributed to the hostility, and eventually, the woman resigned from her position. Her lawsuit indicates that the harassment and hostile environment led to her resignation. It was noted that the city manager did not provide a comment in response to the lawsuit.

A hostile workplace can lead to many difficulties for employees who simply want to do their jobs. As this case shows, it could even lead workers to resign because they cannot endure the difficulties that their work environment presents. If Florida workers believe that they are facing harassment on the job or other issues that are creating a hostile environment, they may want to gain information on their options for legally addressing the matter.