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Is discrimination making you feel disempowered? You have options

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | Employment Law

You, like other Florida workers, have the right to a workplace free from hostility. Unfortunately, you may feel like you and others in your place of employment are facing unfair treatment that can cause you to dread the idea of getting up and going to work in the morning. This treatment could come in many forms, including illegal discrimination and harassment.

Though such treatment is against the law, not every employer takes the necessary steps to prevent discrimination and harassment, and not every co-worker treats his or her colleagues with respect. You may have faced a number of difficulties as a result of the mistreatment you endured on the job.

How can this affect you?

Certainly, facing discrimination and harassment can make you feel bad in general, but it can also have serious effects on your mental and physical health. According to the American Psychological Association, individuals who experience discrimination typically have a higher level of stress in their lives than those who have not faced such unfairness. Even the anticipation of facing more discrimination on the job can cause stress reactions.

Chronic stress is known to seriously affect a person’s health, and discrimination and the stress it causes can result in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, high blood pressure and obesity. If you experience discrimination, you may feel angry about the situation, sad that it happened or even embarrassed over the ordeal. However, it is important to control those feelings as much as possible as they can also increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Feeling disempowered

Discriminatory actions could also result in you feeling disempowered. You may think that you will never get ahead in your career no matter how hard you work because someone will treat you unfairly regardless. These feelings could result in your not trying to get promotions or avoiding other attempts to further your career because it could seem pointless. Before you settle on these feelings, remember that you have legal rights.

If you have faced discrimination on the job, you can work to feel empowered by exercising your legal rights. If you file a complaint with your employer that goes unaddressed, you may have reason to move forward with a lawsuit. Gaining more information about your legal rights and options could help you determine how to best approach your situation and seek justice for wrongdoing.