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Hairstyles could be the source of racial discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2021 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Florida workers should not be subjected to mistreatment in their workplace because of their race. This includes discrimination for certain types of hairstyles often worn by women of color. Some say that they must wear their hair in certain ways in professional settings because of subtle discrimination or overtly discriminatory policies. A woman’s hairstyle has no bearing on her ability to do her job well. 

Women may be made to feel that their preferred hairstyle is not professional enough or polished enough for certain settings. This is a prominent occurrence for Black women, especially for those who wish to work in public-facing environments, such as journalism, banking, business and much more. They say that one way to end this type of discrimination is to make more representation a priority.

Braids, twists and hair coverings may be prohibited in some workplaces, or they may be discouraged. Some Black women may be subjected to rude comments or receive unwanted suggestions on changing their appearances; they may also have fewer career opportunities than others. The Crown Act is legislation that would prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of hairstyles or hair texture. A few states have passed it, and supporters of the law hope more will follow.

If a Black woman experiences discrimination in the workplace because of her hair, she does not have to stay silent. Discrimination for any race or ethnicity-related reason is inexcusable, and victims may speak out and take action. It is possible to hold Florida employers accountable for this through a civil claim, a step that also allows the victim to seek appropriate compensation and damages.