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Disability discrimination case somes to settlement

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Living with mental illness can certainly have its difficulties. However, many people can continue working and carrying out other aspects of their daily lives as they cope with their disability. Unfortunately, some employers may lose faith in their workers after learning of a mental condition, and disability discrimination could take place.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit in Florida regarding such discrimination recently came to a settlement. The suit came about after an employee at a cable and circuit board manufacturing company was diagnosed with a mental illness and then treated unfairly on the job. The woman underwent hospitalization and received a diagnosis of a major depressive disorder. She informed her employers about her condition and soon noticed a change in the way she was treated in the workplace.

Previously, the woman had received promotions throughout her career years, but after learning of her condition, management demoted her to a position with lower pay. Four months after the demotion, she was terminated from the job entirely. The company claimed that it was due to a lack of assembly work, but the woman was working in a stock room not on the assembly line at the time of her dismissal. The company recently agreed to a $35,000 settlement in the case and is required to implement anti-discrimination policies and training.

A person’s mental health is just as important as physical health, and a disability relating to a mental illness deserves protection under the law. As this Florida case shows, if workers believe that they have faced disability discrimination on the job due to a mental condition, they may have reason to take legal action. The specific options available depend on the exact details of any given case, so gaining applicable information on possible options is wise.