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Ways employers can minimize disability discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Florida employees with disabilities have rights in the workplace, and employers are responsible for providing reasonable accommodations and support. Unfortunately, not all employers respect these rights, and disability discrimination is a real problem for deaf employees in some workplaces. There are areas where certain improvements can be made, and this effort can make every type of work environment more fair for employees of all abilities. 

One of the main challenges that deaf individuals face in the workplace is that communication can be challenging. For deaf employees, it can be a struggle just to be heard, and meeting career goals and achieving advancements can be difficult. Disabled individuals have rights in the workplace, and this means deaf individuals should have equal rights at every step of the employment process, from the interview process and beyond. Once hired, deaf workers may be isolated from their co-workers or experience subtle forms of discrimination.

Employers should strive to make reasonable accommodations for those who are hearing impaired. This includes identifying the best way to communicate and offering the opportunity to work in smaller groups or one-on-one where eye contact and other ways to communicate are easier. Sometimes, deaf employees may be unfairly blamed for things or experience hostile treatment when they have difficulty hearing.

A Florida hearing-impaired employee should not face discrimination in the workplace. If treated unfairly because of a disability, a victim has the right to pursue a legal claim. An attorney experienced in employment law and cases involving disability discrimination in the workplace can be an invaluable ally during this process.