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Sexual harassment can happen when working from home

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work


Many Florida employees are now working from home, and while this is the most convenient and safest choice for many, it come with its own types of problems. Workplace sexual harassment is often associated with in-person interactions that happen while on the job, but there are increasing numbers of reports of this type of treatment taking place virtually. Working from home does not always protect one from harassing behaviors.

It is important for employers to understand that harassment is not necessarily confined to the four walls of their building. There should be policies and standards in place that will discourage and prevent this behavior while employees are working remotely. One way to do this is to take steps to ensure compliance with the Sexual Harassment of Women Act, 2013.

Things that may be helpful include creating a sexual harassment policy and updating it as necessary. For example, policies and rules may need to change in times when employees may be working from home. Regular training is important, especially when there are significant changes in the work environment and employee interactions. The same expectations regarding respectful treatment of all co-workers and employees should apply both in the workplace and online.

If a Florida employee experiences sexual harassment while at work, he or she has the right to speak out. Whether it happens in person or online, it is not necessary to suffer from this type of treatment alone. Victims could have grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim against their employer or other liable party.