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Man claims wrongful termination after exposing safety hazards

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Wrongful Termination

Most people go to work with the intention of doing their job and doing it well. Unfortunately, doing one’s job can sometimes land a worker in hot water, and it is possible that management or other parties may not appreciate the worker’s thorough efforts. In some cases, workers could even face wrongful termination if employers do not like what workers find while doing their jobs.

Florida readers may be interested in one man’s case currently underway in another state. According to reports, the man worked as a safety manager for a health care organization, and during the course of his duties, he discovered multiple conditions that he deemed unsafe and unsanitary. He made his discoveries known to the organization, but the company reportedly chose not to fix them due to associated expenses.

After the organization chose to not address the issues, the man filed an anonymous whistleblower complaint with the Department of Health and The Joint Commission. However, his complaint was sent to the health care organization, which exposed him as the whistleblower because he had used the same information in reports he had provided to the organization earlier. The man believes that he was retaliated against and was eventually fired from his position after he was identified as the whistleblower.

The man has filed a lawsuit against the applicable parties claiming wrongful termination. Taking legal action after such unjust actions could be warranted for many people in Florida facing similar circumstances. It can certainly seem unfair to face retaliation for doing one’s job, but as this case shows, it is not unheard of.