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Harassment and the development of a hostile work environment

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Hostile Work Environment

Florida employees should not be subjected to unfair or discriminatory treatment in their place of work. Harassment and unfair treatment can lead to the development of a hostile work environment, potentially causing significant emotional damage to the person who is experiencing it. Harassment of any kind is unacceptable and inexcusable in a professional environment, and it may be grounds for a civil claim against the employer. 

Harassment includes any type of unwanted conduct directed at someone on the basis of their gender, age, sexual orientation, religion and other factors. There is a line between rude jokes and what actually qualifies as harassment. In order for harassing behavior to be illegal, it must become a condition of continued employment or result in a work environment that is hostile, intimidating or threatening in any way. 

Offensive behavior that qualifies as harassment can include a range of inappropriate behaviors such as crude jokes, slurs of any kind, threats, physical contact and more. A victim may feel that he or she is unable to speak out about experiencing these things out of fear that the employer will not believe it or that it could compromise job security. Harassment can come from co-workers, supervisors, customers or clients.

Individuals who work in a hostile work environment do not have to suffer in silence. It may be appropriate to pursue legal action against a Florida employer for harassment or discrimination that happens in the workplace. An assessment of the individual can reveal how a victim can move forward and seek appropriate compensation for his or her pain and suffering.