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Del Taco to pay $1.25 million in sexual harassment settlement

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Wrongful Termination

Women face many hurdles in the workplace. Of these, sexual harassment may be one of the most difficult to overcome. Women in Florida often face severe repercussions for reporting, like retaliation, wrongful termination and even worsening instances of harassment. A recently settled sexual harassment suit involving the popular fast-food chain Del Taco demonstrates just how difficult it can be.

Del Taco Restaurants Inc. agreed to pay $1.25 million to settle a lawsuit brought by some of its female workers. The lawsuit alleged that managers and leaders sexually harassed several young female employees at multiple locations. Alleged harassment included unwanted physical touch, vulgar comments and sexual propositions.

The harassment was apparently so widespread that the women’s male co-workers began to openly engage in the same behaviors. The victims complained to human resources, but the company did not take the necessary action to stop the harassment. Some of the victims even went on to quit after the harassment and retaliation for reporting became too much to handle.

The settlement includes more than just compensation, too. Del Taco Restaurants Inc. will also spend three years addressing workplace harassment and related retaliation. It will also retain a monitor from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — the EEOC — to help monitor its policies regarding harassment, retaliation and discrimination. All Del Taco employees will go through anti-discrimination training, too.

This settlement highlights just how important sexual harassment claims can be. Successfully navigating such a claim usually involves securing compensation for victims, as well as affecting real change that will protect future workers. The resulting compensation can help Florida victims address their resulting financial damages from things like wrongful termination, retaliation and more.