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Social media and its impact on a harassment claim

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Many Florida employees have social media accounts, and they use these accounts to share personal news and frustrations with friends and family. Unfortunately, some of this information could be used against the original poster in certain circumstances, such as when they are involved in a legal dispute. When employers are disputing or defending against a harassment claim, they may attempt to use information posted by the plaintiff against him or her.

It is important to be careful on social media when involved in a complex legal dispute. Employers can lawfully use what someone posts on his or her Facebook or other type of account to dispute the poster’s version of events. This is why, in addition to making accounts private and changing security settings, it is prudent to be cautious when talking about the claim in that type of forum. In some cases, it may be prudent to actually suspend or disable accounts while the case is still pending.

In some cases, social media is actually a way for harassment to take place. There are times when Florida employees may experience harassing or inappropriate treatment from co-workers or employers on their accounts. The victim could have cause to take legal action, even if the harassment technically did not take place at work or during work hours.

Social media can potentially have a significant impact on a harassment claim. When involved in this type of case, a plaintiff will want to speak with an attorney about how to protect his or her privacy while the process is ongoing. A legal ally can provide guidance on what steps are necessary and how to pursue justice as a victim of workplace harassment.