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Providing reasonable accommodations for disabled employees

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Workplace Disability Discrimination

Florida employers are responsible for respecting the rights of all employees, including those who have disabilities. Specific laws mandate that businesses provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees who may need adjustments in order to fulfill the requirements of their jobs. Inclusion is important, and accommodations are available to every type of employee who may need them, including part-time and temporary workers.

An employee has to request accommodations, indicating to the employer there is a problem with doing his or her job because of a medical condition. The employer then takes the information given by the employee and may ask for additional documentation related to the specific medical concern. The employer should then work with that individual to develop a strategy that will allow for the completion of job duties with certain types of adjustments to physical requirements.

Reasonable accommodations may include an allowance for more rest breaks, the use of a chair instead of standing and more. It may also include adjustment to work schedules or changing job assignments. After establishing accommodations and implementing necessary changes, a Florida employer should then regularly check in to ensure these steps are working and that the employee is not experiencing any undue hardship.

Disabled employees have rights, and employers must accommodate their physical needs unless it would cause hardship. An employee who believes he or she has experienced discrimination because of a lack of support in the workplace, despite requests for accommodations, could have grounds for a civil claim against the employer. Working with an employment law attorney can be helpful in the pursuit of justice and compensation.