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Google addressing problems of sexual harassment in the company

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Google’s parent company has recently agreed to pay over $310 million because of the way the company handled allegations of inappropriate behavior. The hundreds of millions of dollars will go toward resolving litigation with shareholders and increasing diversity efforts within the company. Litigation from shareholders started after allegations came out that the company hid misconduct from certain executives and did not make enough of an effort to prevent sexual harassment. This type of harassment is also a problem in many Florida workplaces as well.

The controversy that started the problems for Google centered on the actions and firing of Andy Rubin, one of the top executives in the company. At the time he was let go, he was being investigated for sexual misconduct. Google offered him a $90 million package upon his exit from the company. To protest this decision, thousands of workers staged a walkout. 

After the walkout, Google took steps to change many of their workplace policies. Shareholders sued in reaction to the compensation package offered to Rubin. They claimed that the top executives at the company knew of the allegations against Rubin but still approved the package offered to him.

Sexual harassment is not a problem to overlook. While most Florida businesses will not face settlements that involve hundreds of millions of dollars, allowing this type of problem to continue without proper action can be costly. Victims have the right to bring legal action against their employer, especially if there was a mishandling of their claim or tolerance of a hostile work environment.