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Suicide risk higher for workers who experience sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

There are certain types of behaviors that have no place in a Florida work environment. Not only are things like discrimination and sexual harassment inappropriate, they can also have devastating consequences for victims. A recent study found that individuals who are exposed to sexual harassment in their place of work are more likely to consider or attempt suicide. This is a grave problem, and it is one employers should take seriously.

It is well known that the effects of workplace sexual harassment can be detrimental for a victim. For example, victims of this are more likely to call in sick, experience negative mental health impacts and suffer from physical sickness. However, a recent study actually took a closer look at this type of treatment and how it could influence suicidal thoughts and tendencies. The final conclusion was a clear link between victims of harassment at work and a higher chance of self-harm.

Of the number of workers used for this research project, around 4.8% said they experienced sexual harassment at some point within the last year. At the end of the project, researchers found that those exposed to this type of treatment at a 2.82 higher risk of suicide and a 1.59 higher risk of attempted suicide. These numbers apply to both men and women.

Sexual harassment is unacceptable, and Florida employers should handle reports promptly with strong, decisive action. It is a problem that should be taken seriously, and victims should feel like they are able to speak out without fear of retaliation or continued harassment. In some cases, this is grounds to pursue legal recourse through a civil claim.