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Sexual harassment remains a problem for women in tech

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Women in various fields have experienced inappropriate treatment at work. The recent #MeToo movement shed light on how prevalent the issue of sexual harassment is in many different types of workplaces in Florida and across the country, including the tech industry. Female employees in this specific type of employment area say they are still experiencing sexual harassment in their workplaces and in situations related to their jobs. 

Statistics indicate that as many as 48% of women in the tech industry have experienced harassment at work. Of those women, 43% say that what they experienced was sexual harassment, even receiving propositions from co-workers and employers for sex. Some received promises of promotions in exchange for sexual favors. Many of them state they experienced this within the last year, around two years after the #MeToo movement began.

The tech industry has been under scrutiny for a while for a significant lack of diversity. With fewer women than men, females in this field may draw more unwanted attention than those who work in other types of jobs. Additionally, women considering going into tech may be reluctant to do so with the prevalence of harassment reports. Any type of mistreatment against a woman at work is inexcusable, and it could be grounds for a lawsuit.

If a female Florida employee experienced sexual harassment in her workplace, she does not have to remain silent. The civil justice system provides victims a way to pursue legal recourse against employers that allow harassment and the development of a hostile work environment. This can be an intimidating process for many victims, and the help of an experienced attorney can be beneficial.