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Florida employees with disabilities have rights

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2020 | Workplace Disability Discrimination


Disabled individuals in the workplace have certain rights. When employers do not acknowledge their rights or violate them in some way, it is a serious violation of federal laws, specifically the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are a disabled individual, it is in your interests to understand your rights in the workplace and what you can do to fight back if you are experiencing problems. 

Disability discrimination happens when an employer or co-worker violates specific rights held by those protected by the ADA. This can happen in many different ways, and victims may feel unable to speak out about what they experienced out of fear of retaliation or embarrassment. If you believe you experienced this type of discrimination, you do not have to suffer silently. There are options available to you that will allow you to hold liable parties accountable.

What does the law do for you?

Under the ADA and other employment laws, your disability cannot be used as a factor by employers in decisions related to hiring, termination, job assignments, training, pay scales, benefits and more. It is also against the law to harass an individual because of his or her disability or necessary accommodations. Consider the following about the laws that protect you: 

  • Employers must make reasonable accommodations for disabled workers who need support in order to do their jobs.
  • It is illegal for an employer to discourage an employee from seeking his or her rightful accommodations or harass an employee for that reason.
  • Employers cannot fire a worker if he or she develops a disability or has a family member with a disabling condition.

Employers may claim that the reasonable accommodations requested by an employee cause undue hardship or he or she may simply refuse to provide them. You may also find yourself subjected to both overt and passive comments and other types of harassment because of your disability. 

What’s next?

If you are a victim of harassment, you will find it beneficial to speak with a Florida attorney experienced in disability rights. It may be appropriate to move forward with a civil claim against an employer for his or her role in what happened to you.

You have the right to work and support yourself, and you have the right to expect your employer to provide reasonable support if you need it. If you don’t think you’re getting the right treatment in your place work, do not stay silent.