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Fighting race discrimination by promoting equity at work

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

Every Florida employee should be able to work in an environment that is respectful and professional. While there are state and federal laws that protect employees from racial discrimination the workplace, it is still an unfortunate reality for many. Employers should not only seek to protect employees from this type of mistreatment, they should also strive to promote racial equity in their workplaces.

One of the most important steps in this process is to determine whether there is a problem with racial discrimination in that specific work environment that needs to be addressed. Even if there is not a blatant issue, there may be instances of passive or subtle discrimination. It is helpful to get everyone on the same page regarding the importance of racial equity and fighting inequitable treatment at every level in the company.

Once a problem is recognized and acknowledged, it is then possible to look at the root of the issue. Whether it’s unfair practices, discriminatory procedures or even a specific person to blame, it is then necessary to deal with the problem directly and promptly. Diversity initiatives will not be successful in a Florida workplace if there is no recognition of problems or empathy for victims.

Race discrimination is a real problem in many workplaces. Fighting the issue and dealing appropriately with those who victimize others is only the first step. To truly fight this type of behavior and mindset, employers need to do more to promote racial equity in their workplaces. This is important for every type of company, from large corporations to small businesses.