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Allegations of FMLA discrimination against home decor company

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | FMLA Discrimination

Florida employees have the right to speak out when they experience unfair treatment in their workplaces. Women who are pregnant or need time away from work for family-related needs could find that their employers act in a discriminatory manner toward them for taking rightful time off per the Family and Medical Leave Act. FMLA discrimination is a real problem, and it could be grounds to take legal action against an employer. 

One Kings Lane, an online retail website, is facing accusations of violating the rights of pregnant employees. Workers have filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming the company decided to furlough them just weeks before they were scheduled to go on maternity leave. The retailer stated these furloughs were the result of downsizing due to lower sales and economic challenges.

The employees point to comments made to them about work-life balance along with other factors that led them to believe the treatment they were receiving was because of their pregnancy and impending maternity leave. Under the FMLA, a worker has the right to take unpaid leave for family or medical needs, such as the birth of a child or to care for a sick loved one. They are eligible for up to 12 weeks of FMLA leave after working for the employer for a certain amount of time.

FMLA discrimination can come in many forms. It can happen because a worker is pregnant and will need time off soon; however, pregnancy cannot be a factor used in employment decisions such as furloughs, termination and hiring. If a Florida employee thinks he or she has experienced this type of discrimination, it is appropriate to speak with an attorney regarding the legal options available.