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Officer wins sexual harassment lawsuit against police department

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Sexual Harassment At Work

Women may be more likely than men to experience certain types of negative treatment in their Florida workplaces. This is especially true for women who are employed in places where the employees are predominantly male, such as a police department. One female officer recently sued her department over sexual harassment and won. She also promised to keep fighting for a fair work environment and the eradication of harassing behaviors.

At the time the woman filed her lawsuit, she was the only female working for her specific department. She claims she experienced sexual harassment while on the job, as well as gender discrimination. Her case was strong enough to go to trial, but the department settled with her out of court. She got $515,000 from her employer, the third lawsuit settled by the department in recent months. She is not the only one who had problems in the department, and she states that she feels like many problems are left unresolved.

According to the plaintiff, the downside to settling is that her evidence against the department went unheard. A specific example is her demotion from detective to night shift after she complained about harassment to her supervisors. She believes that the public nature of a trial would have brought awareness to a hostile work environment and various problems within the department. 

It can be intimidating to speak out about sexual harassment in the workplace. This case serves as an example to Florida employees about why it can be beneficial to take legal action against employers who allow these behaviors to take place. If an employee believes he or she has a case, it is helpful to first seek legal guidance regarding the options available.