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Many white employees unaware of race discrimination at work

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Racial Discrimination At Work

One of the most concerning issues regarding discriminatory treatment in a Florida workplace is that many people are unaware that it happens, especially if it doesn’t affect them. Unfortunately, many white employees don’t believe that race discrimination is a problem in their workplace. Human resources is the department that handles discrimination claims, but how they’re handled sometimes depends on the race of the person who is handling the claim.

It’s possible a white HR officer will be less likely to believe discrimination happens in their place of work than a Black HR representative. According to a recent study, around half of all Black HR workers think that discrimination is a problem at work. Around 60% of Black HR representatives think rude comments and subtle discriminatory treatment happens in their workplace, while only 44% of white HR reps think the same thing. 

When polled, the majority of Black employees in all positions believed their employers should do more to combat racism and discrimination in the workplace. Statistics indicate that significantly more Black employees experience a lack of respect at their job. Many white employees are less likely to believe this happens because they do not see it, do not experience it and are unaware of how prevalent the problem is for many Florida employees.

When someone experiences race discrimination at work, that individual has the right to take legal action. Through a civil claim and other steps, it is possible to bring the problem to light and hold liable parties accountable. While experiencing derogatory treatment is disheartening, a victim does not have to suffer in silence.